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The Why

My sole focus goes far beyond designing a product, but helping to extract the DNA of each client's story, purpose or brand of who they are individually, small business or corporate entity.

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The Problem

A good idea stays trapped in the mind, a great idea is conveyed intentionally to a target audience to provide necessary solutions to specific problems.

The How

How do I execute? Valuing people and delivering premier design. My services includes: Logo Design, Web Design, Packaging,

Social Media Branding, 

Marketing Collateral, Branding Packages.

Meet Austin


Austin G. Smith


Austin has been married to the love of his life Brea for 5 years, and is a proud father of his 2 children. Being able to lead his family and establish a legacy that will leave lasting impact throughout future generations after is a responsibility that he treasures dearly.

Being a creative isn't something that a certificate or degree makes you; it's someone who God intended you to be. Because it's always been inside of your DNA -- ever since He spoke you into existence.


We all have ideas, whether it's a new business idea or a solution based project. Ideas are God given, however, everyone doesn't always understand how to make their visions live in real-time.


Through a skill-set ranging from logo design to website branding, Austin believes that he has been endowed with the ability to help others walk into the reality of that idea through graphic design branding.